Ventura County Star: Editorial: Have pipe, add water

Assemblywoman Jacqui Irwin deserves praise for her effort last week in bringing all the parties together to resolve getting city of Oxnard water to local farmers who want it.

It's been a frustrating time as the city's Advanced Water Purification Facility is finally ready to produce ultrapure water and farmers on the Oxnard Plain have an agreement to buy it, but regulatory hurdles have plugged the delivery.

Basically, there is no pipeline to deliver the Oxnard water. So both sides thought about using an existing Calleguas Municipal Water District pipeline to get the water there. But that pipeline was built to take briny water to the ocean, and state regulators were concerned that pumping water the other direction would be a problem.

In stepped Ms. Irwin. She got everybody to attend a meeting where it was shown that, apparently, transporting Oxnard water should be acceptable. So everybody left Thursday's gathering intent on drawing up agreements that might result in Oxnard water being delivered by the end of the summer.

Just getting folks to the table to talk, much less to work on a relatively speedy agreement (we are talking about state bureaucracy here, combined with numerous water agencies) is a coup for Ms. Irwin.