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Petition to Support Oak Park Unified School District and Districts of Choice

To whom it may concern:

I am writing in support of Oak Park Unified School District and districts of choice statewide.  For over twenty years districts of choice have provided students with an option to transfer to another district regardless of academic or athletic ability.  Students and parents often choose districts of choice because of the unique opportunities offered such as college preparatory programs, science or language immersions courses, and project-based learning.

As the second largest district of choice in the state, Oak Park Unified School District serves as a model of learning by providing students with creative pathways to excel in a variety of courses.  Oak Park High School is ranked seventh in high schools in the state by Newsweek magazine and boasts robotics and computer animations courses for their students to learn about science and art from a unique perspective.  This is exactly how we should be promoting learning and getting students excited about education.

Unfortunately, districts of choice like Oak Park Unified School District are facing a dramatic loss of funding due to current state law. We cannot let this happen.

With education a top priority in California, we must keep our schools and districts that are showing results and providing the necessary tools for students to thrive. 

Please support Oak Park Unified School District and other districts of choice and keep opportunities available to California’s students.