Assemblymember Jacqui Irwin Appointed Chair of Select Committee on Cybersecurity

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Will Examine California’s Role in Addressing Cybersecurity Threats

Sacramento—Assemblymember Jacqui Irwin (D-Thousand Oaks) has been appointed by Speaker Toni G. Atkins as chair of the Select Committee on Cybersecurity. The committee was created in light of recent cyber security threats that have left millions of Americans at risk of identity theft. As chair of the committee, Irwin recently joined President Obama and other national leaders at the White House’s Summit on Cybersecurity and Consumer Protection to address California’s role in preventing and responding to security threats.

“Cybersecurity is an issue of rapidly growing importance and I believe the State bears a responsibility to address the rising threat of cyber-attacks,” said Assemblymember Irwin. “In light of the recent attacks on Sony and Anthem, it is clear that this issue affects all citizens and will continue to be a matter of public safety.”

The committee will examine California’s cybersecurity vulnerabilities, assess resources, educate leaders, and develop partnerships to manage and respond to threats.  Following an investigation into the state’s cybersecurity issues, the committee will produce a report that informs state agencies, private businesses, and all relevant institutions.

Additionally, in her role as the new Chair of the Veterans’ Affairs Committee, Assemblymember Irwin will oversee the functions of the California National Guard which has developed expertise on this issue through their Computer Network Defense Team. 

The scope of the Select Committee will include the state preparedness and institutional security aspects of cybersecurity. This involves certain functions carried out by the Governor’s Office of Emergency Services, the Department of Technology, and the National Guard.

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Jacqui Irwin was elected in November 2014 to represent California’s 44th Assembly District, which includes the communities of Camarillo, Casa Conejo, Channel Islands Beach, El Rio, Lake Sherwood, Moorpark, Oak Park, Oxnard, Port Hueneme, Santa Rosa Valley, Thousand Oaks, and Westlake Village.

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