Local Businesses Selected for Competitive Tax Credit

For immediate release:

$860,000 Awarded to Assist Four Expanding Ventura County Businesses

SACRAMENTO – Assemblymember Jacqui Irwin (D-Thousand Oaks) today announced that $860,000 in tax credits have been awarded to four businesses in Ventura County through the CA Competes Tax Credit Program. California businesses planning to expand and hire within the state can apply for these awards to provide them assistance to meet their expansion goals.

The Governor’s Office of Business Services today announced $43.7 Million in Tax Credits for 89 companies adding over 7,000 jobs in California. Four of those businesses have a substantial operation or are primarily based in Ventura County.

Ventura County Awardees for first round of fiscal year 2015-2016 as follows:

  • Meissner Filtration – based in Camarillo and plans a net increase of 106 employees and was granted a $375,000 credit to achieve that goal.
  • J Harris Industrial Water Treatment Inc. – based in Oxnard and San Jose and plans a net increase of 23 employees and was granted a $300,000 credit.
  • Sani-Tech West – based in Camarillo and plans a net increase of 28 employees and was granted an $85,000 credit.
  • Sorenson Business Consulting – based in Thousand Oaks and plans a net increase of 6 employees and was granted a $100,000 credit.

Several awardees attended “CA Competes” workshops in the area hosted by Assemblymember Irwin. These workshops were run by Go-Biz representatives and provided step-by-step application instructions for business owners and potential applicants and time for them to ask questions. “Our region will benefit tremendously from the additional full time jobs. Our hope is that this program continues to lead to job growth in California, and my office will continue to hold workshops and encourage businesses to apply,” remarked Irwin.

“The California Competes program may be the difference between businesses staying or leaving California,” concluded Assemblymember Irwin. “I encourage more businesses in the district to apply.”

**Next Application filing period runs January 4, 2016, through January 25, 2016
**Assemblymember Irwin’s website: http://asmdc.org/irwin