Assemblymember Irwin bill to reduce firearm related suicides awaiting Governor Newsom's signature

For immediate release:

Sacramento – Back in February, Assemblymember Jacqui Irwin (D – Thousand Oaks) introduced Assembly Bill 645, a bill to reduce firearm related suicides.

“There has been a startling increase in firearm suicides throughout California and the nation,” said Assemblymember Jacqui Irwin. “While, we will never know what saves the lives of those in crisis, it is our goal that connecting people with the help they need will reduce the amount of gun-related suicide deaths. On this National Suicide Prevention Day, I urge Governor Newsom to sign this bill to save lives.”

Assembly Bill 645 will provide information on the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at gun shops, on gun packaging, and on the state’s firearm safety certification exam. The idea for this legislation was brought forward to Assemblymember Irwin by James Espinoza of Ventura County, who lost his brother, an Army veteran, to firearm suicide.     

“The death of a loved one is difficult in itself, but the loss of someone you love by suicide is a horrible tragedy. My hope is this law will not only help save lives but also prevent another family from having to live through the tragedy of suicide,” said James Espinoza. “On behalf of my Mom, sister and extended family, we sincerely thank Jacqui Irwin for authoring this very important legislation. As a military veteran, law enforcement officer, and citizen of California, I am proud to have played a small role in this proposed legislation that will hopefully save lives.”