Assemblymember Irwin Announces California Assembly Secures Extra Funding for Veterans in Housing Bond

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

(Sacramento) - Assemblymember Jacqui Irwin (D-Thousand Oaks), Chair of the Assembly Veterans Committee, today announced that the Assembly has secured an additional $1 billion in the Affordable Housing Bond agreement (see attached document) to extend the Cal-Vet Home Loan Program, which is currently scheduled to expire in 2018.

“After returning from service, our veterans face unique challenges when finding suitable housing,” Irwin said. “Extending the Cal-Vet Loan Program helps ensure our veterans and their families can live in safe, affordable housing. As we work to solve California’s housing crisis, this additional funding not only helps our veterans, it will free up $1 billion from the general affordable housing funding pool.”

The Assembly’s action increases the amount of housing bonds authorized in Senate Bill 3 from $3 billion to $4 billion.

Irwin, who had previously introduced legislation to extend the Cal-Vet Loan program, noted that the additional $1 billion for the program builds on the Assembly’s history of supporting housing for veterans, including creating the Veterans Housing and Homeless Prevention Bond in 2014.

The Cal-Vet Loan Program was first established in 1921.  Since that time the program has assisted more than 420,000 veterans to purchase homes.


Below are links to audio of Assemblymember Irwin and Speaker Rendon:

Assemblymember Irwin says she was pleased to learn that more funding for affordable veterans housing will be included in the Housing Bond. (:13)


Assemblymember Irwin says the Cal-Vet Loan Program not only help veterans buy or keep their homes, taxpayers do not foot the bill.  (:14)


Assemblymember Irwin says she believes there is very, very strong support among the voters to help veterans. (:26)


Speaker Anthony Rendon (D-Lakewood) says the Cal-Vet Loan Program can be a life changing program for veterans.  (:17)


Speaker Rendon says everyone is working together to solve California’s housing crisis. (:12)