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New Law Marks Climate Transition for California Landscapes

There are big changes coming to the look of public spaces in California – less lawn. After three severe statewide droughts in just 15 years, state leaders have realized that the irrigation of purely ornamental turf grass in public spaces is unwise. That’s why Governor Gavin Newsom just signed into law a bill that will ban the irrigation of ornamental turf with potable water, effective in stages between 2027 and 2031. 

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A bill signed into law Friday by Governor Gavin Newsom will now ban certain businesses from watering its grass in an effort to reduce water usage.

The bill is modeled after the State placed similar rules on commercial, industrial and government agencies from using drinking water for grass deemed “non-functional” in 2022.

California poised for big climate moves after Newsom backs new laws

The governor signed 75% of the major environmental bills that lawmakers sent to his desk. As for vetoes, Newsom cited enforcement, cost concerns.

California is set to take major swings at boosting renewable energy, reining in corporate emissions, safeguarding wild places and ensuring livability amid worsening climate change after Gov. Gavin Newsom signed most of the environment-related legislation lawmakers sent his way this session.