Hearing Highlights New Changes for Cybersecurity in California

State Officials Heard Testimony from Agency Representatives to Establish Implementation and Accountability Standards for Recently Enacted State and Federal Cybersecurity Policies

SACRAMENTO – The Assembly Committee on Privacy and Consumer Protection and the Assembly Select Committee on Cybersecurity held a Joint-Oversight Hearing today to review recent developments in cybersecurity and the State’s strategy to address the issue. In a year filled with high-profile security breaches in both the private and public sector, there was also significant legislation and Executive Orders at both the State and Federal level. The hearing considered the impact of these new policies on California state government and what steps can be taken to improve the State’s security posture.

“We want to identify issues with the State’s governance structure for cybersecurity, including risk assessment and management, incident response planning, and budgeting,” said Assemblymember Jacqui Irwin (D-Thousand Oaks), Chair of the Select Committee on Cybersecurity.

Irwin Introduces Bill to Protect Students at For-Profit Universities

(Sacramento, CA) – Following a series of private for-profit educational institutions closing down, the Assembly Higher Education and Veterans Affairs Committees held a hearing last July to examine ways that California could better protect veterans students, and in particular, students affected by their academic institution closing down.