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Speed Camera Bill Has Bent Over Backwards to Answer Opponents

For years, proponents of speed cameras, which have proven to reduce vehicle speeding, have been trying to get a bill through the state legislature to allow their use in California. While these bills have met with strong support, there has also been opposition based on a range of objections including equity and privacy. Opposing organizations include police unions, the ACLU, and a few small organizations that support "motorist rights."

Active Transportation Slate Hangs in Suspense in CA Senate

As we near the end of the legislative calendar, it’s crunch time for bills that aim to make biking and walking safer for all Californians. CalBike supports a slate of six bills currently in the Suspense File in the Senate Appropriations Committee. We only have until September 1, 2023, to move them forward, or these measures will fail.

California May Permanently Ban Grass Watering for Businesses

California’s most-recent drought is over. Reservoirs are full. Ski season lasted until July.

But despite the wet winter, an effort is gaining momentum in the state capitol to add manicured green grass to the list of business trappings — like fax machines, pagers and typewriters — that have become obsolete in a changing world.

‘Be your authentic self’

(CN) — Laura Friedman has spent a lot of time in pool halls. The Los Angeles County assemblywoman was semi-pro while in college, and later while working in the film industry. She’s familiar with professional pool and poker circles. Both games teach a person how to negotiate and be professional, she said.

It’s those skills, learned in a non-traditional setting, that Friedman said she’s taken into the political world. If she wins the Democratic primary for California’s 30th congressional district, she’ll likely take those skills to Washington, D.C. 

Consumers Deserve Transparent Ticket Pricing

This has been inescapably the summer of the Eras Tour. This is Taylor Swift’s world and we’re all just living in it. But does anyone remember trying to buy those tickets? The price was enough to make a girl cry but, for the throngs of fans across the nation, it was Taylor Swift and they were willing to spend the money.

A Schism Over the Softer Side of Westlands

REBRAND FOR WESTLANDS — For 22 years, Tom Birmingham served as general manager of the Westlands Water District, aggressively lobbying for farmers' water access and making enemies of environmental groups along the way.

He fought for controversial proposals like expanding Shasta Dam, saw longtime lobbyist David Bernhardt appointed as Interior Department secretary under Trump, and earned the sobriquet the "Darth Vader of California water."

Six California Cities Could Soon Get Speed Cameras

Let's begin with something everyone seems to agree upon: Far too many pedestrians are dying on California's streets.

Pedestrian deaths have been rising nationwide over the last decade, and last year they reached their highest level in 41 years. In California, an estimated 1,100 pedestrians were killed in 2022, making the fatality rate in the state 25 percent higher than the national average.