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New California law updates water restrictions for businesses. What does it mean for you?

Restaurants, stores and other property owners will be banned from using drinking water to irrigate their lawns under a new California law. Assembly Bill 1572 requires business owners, public agencies and other entities to phase out the use of potable water to irrigate nonfunctional and decorative turf starting in 2027. Instead, they’ll have to use recycled and non-potable water to keep landscaping looking fresh and green. Assemblywoman Laura Friedman, D-Burbank, introduced the bill in February.


Virtual Vet Care Is Coming To California Under A New Law In 2024

Veterinarians licensed in California will be able see and treat their pet patients virtually under a new law that goes into effect on Jan. 1.

Under AB 1399, veterinarians will be able to examine animals on a camera through a telehealth appointment without needing to see them in-person. They can then prescribe medications and recommend treatments, or direct the owner to a clinic for follow-up care.

Speed cameras needed on deadly Pacific Coast Highway

Running a NASCAR track through a residential neighborhood, beach community, and university town is a bad idea. Everyone in Malibu knows that, because anyone who has lived in Malibu for any length of time has witnessed, heard, dodged, cringed, caused, been inconvenienced, victimized, traumatized, or all of the above by high-speed driving traffic accidents. 

Map: Speed cameras are likely to be placed on these San Jose streets

A total of 33 cameras will be installed across the city

As part of a pilot program that’s bringing speed camera technology to the city’s most dangerous streets, San Jose is gearing up to install 33 of the devices next year at high-risk intersections, with the ultimate goal of reducing the dozens of people killed and hundreds severely injured each year in traffic collisions.

What you need to know about speed cameras to be installed across Oakland

Gov. Gavin Newsom signed legislation into law last month that enables speed cameras in Oakland and other cities in an effort to boost traffic safety. 

The law allows Oakland, San Francisco and San Jose, among others, to use speed cameras to catch dangerous drivers as part of a pilot program until 2032. The cities will place the cameras in different corridors and near schools.