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We need to make the investments in the infrastructure that we need to be more sustainable. We can't grow as a city, house everybody, and have everybody driving everywhere. We see where that has led us: to a housing shortage and huge problems with congestion. So, what the Assembly Select Committee on Urban Development to combat climate change was about was how we can move forward and do the kind of land use planning that we need, and to get the investments that we also need, to make a better quality of life for everybody.


Laura’s legislative work is focused in three primary areas: addressing the housing affordability and homelessness crisis, combating climate change, and protecting vulnerable communities. She has authored a package of bills to create new avenues for communities to tackle the affordable housing crisis, encourage water conservation, strengthen environmental sustainability, protect communities against devastating wildfires, improve access to higher education and health care, and ensure that California’s foster youth have the support that they need as they transition to adulthood.

Speeding cameras could be deployed in California: How much fines would be?

Unlike some cities’ red light camera programs, these violations would not be considered criminal — they would be civil — and would not result in points on your license, Assemblymember Laura Friedman (D-Burbank), who co-authored the bill, explained in a statement to

In lieu of payment, cities and counties can also offer those who receive a ticket the alternative to perform community service to satisfy their violation. People who meet certain income or housing criteria can also receive deductions of these fines anywhere from 50 to 80%, the bill stipulates.

All Kinds of Safety and Sustainability Bills Made it to the Governor’s Desk

And some have been held for next year

If it feels like a bit of a bonanza for sustainability legislation this year, it is because a lot of bills championed by safety and sustainable transportation advocates actually made it all the through the sausage making and on to Governor Newsom's desk. He has until October 14 to sign or veto them, so their fates are not certain yet.

First, a list of some of the sustainability bills that passed both the Assembly and Senate. At the end are some that did not make it, at least this year.

Many laws championed by environment advocates are now waiting on Newsom's signature. Others have died or been kicked to next year.

California lawmakers passed some precedent-setting climate and environment bills before the clock ran out Thursday, Sept. 14 on the 2023 legislative session.

“All in all, the legislature did some good work, and the governor has some important bills to sign,” said Christina Scaringe, a legislative specialist with the Center for Biological Diversity, when asked to look back over the session.