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Will these CA bills become law? That’s up to Gov. Newsom

It’s crunch time in Sacramento as state Senate and Assembly members reach this year’s legislative deadline tonight.

At that point, anything not passed is dead and bills approved by lawmakers head to Gov. Gavin Newsom to be signed into law or vetoed.

Speed cameras may be coming to some cities’ streets

Speed cameras have been used in other states and cities as an effective tool to reduce traffic deaths.

California Legislators Begin Their Final Sprint

Thursday is the last day for lawmakers to approve bills to send to the governor in this session.
  • California could become the 19th state to install speed cameras that automatically issue tickets to the owners of speeding cars. The measure is aimed at reducing the unusually high pedestrian death rate in the state.

Drinking Water More Precious Than Grass in California

Ornamental grass—the kinds of grass that line medians and roadsides but never serves for recreation—is a vanishing amenity in a drought-stricken West.

California legislators approved a bill, AB 1572 (Friedman), to ban the use of drinking water for ornamental grass—also known non-functional turf—grass never used for walking or recreation.

CA Legislature Passes Speed Camera Bill

Now it's up to Governor Newsom to sign it

After an arduous and digressive journey, Assemblymember Laura Friedman's bill to allow a few cities to test whether cameras can help curb dangerous speeding passed out of the legislature.

California is moving to outlaw watering some grass that’s purely decorative

Outdoor watering accounts for roughly half of total water use in Southern California’s cities and suburbs, and a large portion of that water is sprayed from sprinklers to keep grass green.

Under a bill passed by state legislators this week, California will soon outlaw using drinking water for some of those vast expanses of grass — the purely decorative patches of green that are mowed but never walked on or used for recreation.

California lawmakers move to ban irrigation of some decorative lawns

California businesses and institutions will have to stop irrigating decorative grassy areas with drinkable water under legislation approved by state lawmakers.

The bill now goes to Gov. Gavin Newsom for his signature. Newsom’s office declined to comment today, but he previously called for an irrigation ban that led to a similar emergency measure that’s in effect until next June. 

Guns, water, bathrooms, schoolbooks, weed cafes, magic mushroom bills head to Gov. Newsom’s desk

Legislature wraps up Thursday; governor has until Oct. 14 to sign bills

Lawmakers wrapping up the legislative session this week have sent dozens of bills to Gov. Gavin Newsom’s desk seeking his signature, covering weighty topics — guns, drugs, education, environment, discrimination, crime and punishment — and some far out stuff too, from marijuana cafes to magic mushrooms.