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Op-Ed: The 2022 State Budget Moves California Forward

Every year, the state of California goes through a lengthy process between the governor’s Office, the Senate and the Assembly to finalize an annual budget. In last month’s column, I gave a preview of what was on the table. This month, I’m happy to share where we landed and some key victories for the 43rd District.

Through the budget plan, California is investing $47 billion in infrastructure projects across the state. With these investments, along with what’s expected to be a generous share of the funds from the federal Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, we have an exciting opportunity to accelerate our success in sustainable and clean transportation and infrastructure. My office has been closely involved in a broad range of negotiations, from historic projects – such as high-speed rail – to securing record-level funding for active transportation across California and upgrades, improvements and preservation efforts in our 43rd Assembly District.