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California introduces bill to reevaluate rooftop solar net metering

California Assemblymember Laura Friedman has introduced AB 2256, which would require the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) to fully consider the costs and benefits of rooftop solar when revisiting its net energy metering (NEM) tariff.

The bill would require CPUC to consider the total benefits of rooftop solar, including improved local air and water quality, avoided land use impacts, and any associated system cost benefits.

“The CPUC currently only considers some economic benefits of rooftop solar,” said a fact sheet on the bill. “As NEM is not simply a rate structure but rather, a far-reaching policy initiative with goals and outcomes that will shape the future of clean energy and climate change in California, it is critical for policy makers to consider all relevant information in re-designing the tariff that has proven integral to meet our climate goals.”