43rd Assembly District Photography Competition 2019 Winners & Selections


3608 by Avital Oehler

Enjoying a Walk at the Glendale Narrows by Gail Nicol

Crow Confession by Sona Tsarukyan

Lost at Descanso by Mondo Scott

Pollywog – Morning Fog by Monica Muehlhause-Horn

Pressure by James Clark

The Woolsey Fire Blanket by Brendan Baker

Neon Petunia by Arlene Vidor

Chess at the Park by Michael Rodriguez

Twilight at the Observatory by Tony Wang


A Night at the Alex by Rachael Warecki

Beautiful Metaphor by Gabriela Arevalo

Come Again by Michael Rodriguez

Evening Walk by Rachael Porter

Fire Season by Justin Jakubsin

I Love Montrose by John Fisanotti

Last Call by Wendy James

Marshall Pride by Isabella Iarocci

Nightfall by Rolando Maldonado

Shopping Cart by Michael Grigorian

Sky Master by Ammar Al Nueimi

Stress Free by Vanessa Gerbuyos

Sunday in Montrose by Ines Kang

There’s A Moon Out Tonight by Jan Detanna

Thirteenth by Chris Daley

World of Glendale by Richard Bennett