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Op-Ed: The Fate of the Furious: 30 Days at the Impound by Laura Friedman

For immediate release:

GLENDALE - Recently Los Angeles has seen a dramatic increase of traffic-related fatalities, a sharp 43% increase with 260 traffic fatalities occurring in 2016. That rate is continuing to increase and is already significantly higher this year than it was last May. Unfortunately, these rising rates of local traffic fatalities are part of a statewide upward trend.

The primary duty of an elected official at any level of government is to do their best to protect and improve the quality of life of those they represent. A large portion of this responsibility is to ensure the safety of the public. As a legislator, my job is to do this through legislation; to support bills, to propose bills, and to vote for or against any legislation that, to my best knowledge, could either help or harm the overall public welfare.

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